Manufacturers Part Number: 5047401001

Sound Blaster 16 PCI

Based on the award-winning, Sound Blaster 16 technology, the Sound Blaster 16 PCI delivers the same high quality audio with the performance increase of the PCI bus. Sound Blaster 16 PCI provides CD-quality stereo sound with low CPU utilization and great wave- table music that is ideal for home, business, and Internet applications. Sound Blaster 16 PCI allows you to hear the difference, with better sounding music and multimedia in your Windows applications.

Full Plug-and-Play support is built in, so setup is "hassle free" for any PC setup. Every signal is processed and mixed with a 16-bit digital audio engine for high quality. Sound Blaster 16 PCI provides support for positional 3D sound technology to provide spacious sound on headphones or 2 speaker configurations. The included bundled software allows you to play and record your own sounds and music, experience streaming Internet audio in real time...all backed by the industry standard Sound Blaster compatibility, quality and support.

The Sound Blaster 16 PCI is the most affordable Sound Blaster PCI product to date. Get one and hear the difference for yourself.

bulletHigh Quality Sound
bulletWorld's Leader In Sound Cards
bulletPCI Interface
bulletSound Blaster PCI Compatibility
bulletEasy "Plug and Play" Installation and Use
bulletExtended hours of Technical support and Updated Drivers and Applications Via The Web.

System Requirements
bulletGenuine Intel Pentium Class 133MHz or Faster Processor
bulletIntel or 100% compatible Motherboard Chipset
bullet16MB System RAM (32MB Strongly Recommended)
bulletWindows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT 4.0 (Usage of This Product In Windows NT 4.0 Requires A Minimum 200MHz Processor and 32MB System RAM. Functionality MAY Differ from Box Specifications DUE To Limitations In Windows NT. Bundled Application and Utility Software MAY Have Higher System Requirements.)
bulletOpen Half-Length PCI 2.1 Compliant Slot
bulletHeadphones or Amplified Speakers (Available Separately)

CD-ROM Drive Required for Software Installation




Creative Labs


Single Pack

Type of Sound Card

MIDI, Accelerator, Digital Audio, Stereo

Product Information

Additional S/W: Creative Keytar, Multimedia Deck,

Product Information (cont'd)

Soundo' LE, WaveStudio

Bus/Interface Type

32-bit PCI

Digital Audio


Recording/Sampling Rate

5 KHz to 48 KHz


128 Simultaneous Note Voices, Wave Synthesis


Utilizes System Memory


Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0

Volume Control

Yes (Via Software)

Power Amplifier


Software Included



Microphone, Line Out, Speaker, Line In, Joystick/MIDI, AUX Connector, CD Audio, TAD In/Out

Shipping Weight: 0.80 lbs