Sound Blaster

Sound Blaster AWE32 PnP

The ultimate sound card for those who take PC sound seriously.

If you're not content just listening to 16 bit wanna be sound cards, or want to make some music of your own, move up to the Sound Blaster AWE32 PnP. This card was just awarded Computer Shopper's 1996 Best Buy of the Year in it's category, and quite simply is the best 32 bit soundcard available today.

Sound Blaster AWE32 PnP is Creative's awards-winning wave-table sound card. It uses digital samples of real instruments and sound effects to bring unmatched vibrancy to your multimedia applications. With its 32-voice polyphony capability, you'll hear the rich sound of up to 32 notes played simultaneously. Creative's 3D Stereo Enhancement Technology™ and, in applications which support it, 3D Positional Audio™ add further fullness and depth to all that you hear.

Creative Labs didn't stop there. You'll find 512K (upgradeable to 28 MB) of on-board memory where you can download SoundFont® sound samples, or your own audio creations, and use them in a variety of applications.

Record and play back 16-bit, CD-quality stereo audio with full duplex support, just like the pros. 

Surf the World Wide Web, make long-distance calls or listen to broadcasts with ease. Let Sound Blaster enhance your Internet experience.

If you're serious about sound, move up to the new professional standard: The Sound Blaster AWE32 PnP.

Advanced wave-table with SoundFonts lets you customize your audio experience

* Realistic instrument sounds and effects
* 32-voice wave-table synthesis with CD-quality recording and playback
* 512K on-board memory supports SoundFont sound samples
* Custom software for creating and editing music and sound effects
* Surf and communicate on the Net with real-time audio

1996 Winner - PC Computing MVP 1996 Winner - Computer Shopper Best Buy of the Year!