Sound Blaster PCI 512 Sound Card

Sound Blaster PCI 512 Sound Card
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Warranty Period 1 Year Manufacturer Creative Labs
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Sound Blaster PCI 512 includes the powerful combination of hardware acceleration, multi-speaker support, and the widest compatibility with a vast variety of games and multimedia titles.

EAX is the new audio platform by Creative with superior 3D positional sound and effects-rendering that recreates real-life, multi-dimensional environments with unsurpassed realism. Featuring the same powerful audio processing chip used in the Sound Blaster Live!, the EMU10K1 provides on-board hardware acceleration, so there is never a slowdown during gameplay.

With support for two, four, and FourPointSurround speaker systems, the Sound Blaster PCI 512 delivers the most accurate 3D positional audio currently available. Hear enemies creep up from behind and missiles scream overhead, as sounds will literally come from all corners of the room, adding realism and atmosphere to any audio source.

Try the Sound Blaster PCI 512 today. It is the difference between hearing your games and music and actually experiencing them!!

  • Sound Blaster PCI 512 Sound Card
  • Enjoy incredibly immersive 3D audio in real-time with award-winning Environmental Audio (EAX) effects.
  • Connect easily to FourPointSurround and stereo speakers with 4-channel analog audio support.
  • Take advantage today of the widest range of audio, game, and multimedia titles.
  • Audio Hardware Acceleration Delivers the Most Exciting Game Play:
    Sound Blaster PCI 512 features the EMU10K1, the most advanced audio DSP technology for the PC. With 32-bit, 48kHz digital signal processing and a patented 8-point interpolation, the EMU10K1 produces remarkably clear and precise audio fidelity. It is capable of accurately rendering 3D positional audio using only two or four speaker configurations. With the Sound Blaster PCI 512's on-board hardware acceleration, nothing impacts the action in today's most demanding games for one heart-stopping second.
  • Industry's Best PC Compatibility:
    Sound Blaster PCI 512 is a snap to install with complete plug-and-play, Windows 95, and Windows 98 compatibility. With the hardware acceleration of Environmental Audio, DirectSound and DirectSound 3D, Sound Blaster PCI 512 accurately produces high-fidelity sound in virtually any audio application. And, with Sound Blaster PCI compatibility, you are assured support for the largest selection of existing MS-DOS games, Windows-based games and other titles. This is exactly what you would expect from Creative, the leader in PC audio technology.
  • Title Support Updates:
    EAX is rapidly becoming the 3D audio standard, with support from top games like Unreal, Thief, Half-Life, Aliens VS Predator, Myth II, SHOGO, and many more. New titles supporting EAX are being released regularly. Visit to find the latest in title support as well as updated drivers and information about the product.
  • The Most Affordable Environmental Audio Solution for the PC:
    Imagine PC sound so realistic your imagination can visualize what is making the sounds, where it is coming from, and the environment you are in. Its revolutionary technology creates true-to-life audio by immersing you in sounds so real that you will experience games, music and other audio applications rather than just hear them.
  • Audio Connectors: Midi/joystick, Mic, Line In/Out
  • Surround Sound: Yes
  • Number of Voices: 512 voice(s)
Product Requirements
  • Genuine Intel Pentium Class 133MHz or faster Processor
  • Intel or 100% Compatible Motherboard Chipset
  • 16MB system RAM (32MB Strongly Recommended)
  • Windows 95/98/NT 4.0(Usage of this product in Windows NT 4.0 Requires a minimum 200MHz Processor and 32 MB system RAM. Functionality may differ from manufacturer listed Specifications due to limitations in Windows NT. Bundled Application and utility software may have higher system requirements.)
  • Open Half-Length PCI 2.1 Compliant Slot
  • Headphones or amplified Speakers (available separately)
  • CD-ROM drive required for software installation
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