Easy CD Creator V.4.03 & Direct CD V.3.03 OEM

Easy CD Creator V.4.03 & Direct CD V.3.03 OEM
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The program offers an easy to follow wizard. With a click here and there you are soon on to making your CD very easily. Once installation is done, which only took about 45 minutes to an hour, any user that has basic knowledge should be able to set up the making of their very first CD without much problem.
  • Download Internet music, including MP3 tracks, and record to your own CDs
  • Back up important files, such as spreadsheets and financial data
  • Make your own CD labels, covers, and inserts
  • Create custom music CDs to play in any standard CD player or CD-ROM drive
  • Send video postcards and share photo albums on CDs that play on any PC--no special software required
  • Improved audio editor
  • MP3 compatibility
  • CDDB audio disc recognition
  • Video Wave II for video editing
  • Backup and Disaster recovery tool
  • Latest version of Adaptec's Direct CD
  • Over 15 different tools
  • Easy to write audio, and data CD's
  • Copy one of your own CD's for a backup uncase you loose the original
  • Explorer like interface
Product Requirements
  • CD-recorder or CD-rewriteable
  • PC running Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT 4.0
  • 166 MHz Pentium or faster
  • 32 MB RAM
  • Minimum 55 MB free hard disk space (90 MB recommended for typical installations)
  • Recordable or rewriteable CDs
  • 800 x 600 display, 256 colours or more
  • Internet access to take advantage of Internet features
  • Optional:
  • Windows-compatible sound card (16-bit or better) with analog source (LP, cassette, DAT, or CD) attached to stereo receiver with line-out capabilities for CD Spin Doctor
  • Scanner, digital camera, or video camcorder for PhotoRelay
  • Video capture device to import video from video camera
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