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Now Compatible with PowerPC and System 7.5

Thorough diagnostics

  • Tests logic board, memory, and other hardware components
  • Checks for damaged System, Finder, and enabler files
  • Verifies and repairs disk directories
  • Runs benchmark tests for comparison with Apple standards
  • Now supports over 100 Macintosh CPUs

Comprehensive system information

  • Specifies the type and speed of processor and coprocessors
  • Indicates the amount of memory available, including RAM and virtual memory
  • Displays SCSI bus assignments and the contents of NuBus slots
  • Lists version numbers of system software files and applications

Ease of use

  • Runs an entire suite of tests with the click of one button
  • Customizes the test suite to your needs
  • Checks your system automatically during periods of inactivity (Automated Diagnostics)
  • Prints customized reports


Apple Computer now offers the most comprehensive way to diagnose and monitor the performance of your Macintosh, PowerBook, or Power Macintosh system.

Apple Personal Diagnostics software gives you a wealth of information about your computer's hardware and software at the click of a mouse. It's also the only diagnostic product available that's based on the same powerful testing programs Apple uses in manufacturing Macintosh computers. Regular use of the program can reduce system downtime, minimize support calls, and help you identify the source of problems.

Apple Personal Diagnostics combines hardware testing, system profiling, disk directory repair, and software checking in one easy-to-use package. You can run your system through an entire set of tests just by clicking on one button, and the results are presented in clearly understandable graphics and tables.

The program performs comprehensive diagnostic tests on your system's internal components, hard drives, floppy drives, and monitors. The hardware performance tests let you compare your system with benchmarks established by Apple for other Macintosh computers.

Personal Diagnostics also provides a variety of software information and checks. It lists all applications and system files (including extensions) installed on your computer, alerts you if duplicate System Folders exist, and diagnoses and repairs minor disk directory problems.

You can even set Personal Diagnostics to automatically test your Macintosh system when you aren't using it. It will alert you to any irregularities that may exist and suggest simple steps to correct them before they deteriorate into more serious problems.

Apple Personal Diagnostics software: it's the most complete and easy-to-use diagnostic software for your Macintosh computer--and the only one from the people who brought you the Macintosh.

Technical Specifications

Diagnostic tests

  • Logic board
  • -- Clock/interrupt (VIA and RTC circuitry)
  • -- Floating-point unit (if present)
  • -- RAM
  • -- Parameter RAM
  • -- ROM
  • -- Apple Desktop Bus circuitry
  • -- Sound output (mono and stereo)
  • Hard disk drives
  • Floppy disk drives
  • Monitors (displays test patterns)
  • Software
  • -- Detects and repairs corrupted disk directories
  • -- Detects damaged system files
Diagnostic Tests Screen Shot

System information

  • Macintosh model
  • Processor type and speed
  • Coprocessor type (if any)
  • Memory addressing mode
  • Virtual memory status (if available)
  • Memory size (installed memory plus virtual memory)
  • Keyboard type
  • NuBus card type and slot number
  • SCSI device name, type, and ID number
  • Floppy disk drive type
  • System and Finder version numbers
  • Apple Menu items, control panels, system and Chooser extensions, and applications--including version numbers whenever possible (boot drive only)
  • Identification of multiple System Folders (if applicable)
  • And more
System Information Screen Shot

Check your system configuration. Apple Personal Diagnostics lists and prints information about your computer's hardware, applications, utilities, Apple Menu Items, control panels, system and Chooser extensions, startup items, and system enablers. It also tells you whether duplicate System Folders exist and where they are located.

Benchmark checks

  • Performance data for the processor, math functions, video, and hard drives
  • Comparisons of your system with Apple's benchmarks for several popular Macintosh models
  • Performance history for your computer
Benchmark Screen Shot

Measure your computer's performance. How do the changes you make to your system's configuration affect its performance? Apple Personal Diagnostics lets you compare your computer against a number of performance benchmarks established by Apple.

Automated diagnostics

  • Logic board test
  • Memory test
  • Hard disk drive test
  • Software check


  • Apple Personal Diagnostics Software reports can be
  • customized to provide:
  • Hardware information
  • Software information
  • Diagnostic test results
  • Benchmark results
  • Automated Diagnostics history
Automated Diagnostics Screen Shot

Continuously monitor performance with Apple's Automated Diagnostics. During moments of system inactivity, this powerful diagnostic tool tests your computer's memory, hard disk, logic board, and software. It alerts you to any irregularities that exist and suggests simple steps for correcting them before they become more serious.

System requirements

  • Apple Macintosh Plus or later with at least 2MB RAM, including Power Macintosh, Performa and PowerBook
  • Macintosh system software version 6.0.7 or later, including version 7.5 (Automated Diagnostics requires version 7.0 or later)
  • Hard disk drive
  • 800K or 1.4MB floppy disk drive

Ordering Information

Apple Personal Diagnostics

  • Order No. M2800LL/B
  • One 800K application disk
  • Two Emergency disks
  • Apple Personal Diagnostics Software
  • User's Guide

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