Microsoft® Site Server 3.0


Site Server 3.0 provides a comprehensive offering that enables businesses to build powerful and cost effective Web solutions for publishing and delivering relevant and timely information to their employees. Whether you are building a new Web application, migrating an old one to the Web, or adding new capabilities to your existing Web site, Site Server can help you streamline the information sharing process.


* Site Server 3.0 allows users and administrators to publish information easily by providing authors with a structured content submission, posting and approval process.
* Users can easily search and find information stored in a variety of sources including Web sites, file servers, Microsoft SQL Server™ and ODBC databases, and Microsoft Exchange folders throughout their organization.
* Site Server 3.0 can then deliver information that is relevant to users through personalized Web pages, Active Channels™ and e-mail, and enable administrators to analyze usage of the site to maximize the effectiveness of the intranet.


Standard Features

Analyzing and Maximizing a Site's Effectiveness Analyzing usage and content on a site to maximize a site's effectiveness. Site Server 3.0 enables you to produce rich reports that integrate data, from Site Server Commerce, search, personalization, and other sources.

Publishing Publishing information easily by providing authors with a structured content submission, posting, and approval process

Search Searching for information across web sites, file servers, databases, and Microsoft Exchange folders throughout your organization is easier and faster.

Delivery Delivering relevant information to users through personalized Web pages, channels, and e-mail.

Push The easiest method to create channels for IE 4. Active Channel Server includes channel agents which allow you to create channels from databases, file systems as well as searches and indexes.

Personalization Provide information customized to user needs. Active User Object (AUO) lets you store user properties in the files system, directory service or ODBC databases. Direct mail lets you schedule personalized mailings via SMTP.

Usage Analysis Visualize the structure of your site and how it is being used to quickly identify patterns and trends. Identify high traffic locations import non-web data to compare usage patterns with other business information.

Content Analysis Generate site maps and content reports to examine site integrity and consistency. Identify broken and external links, duplicate and orphan pages, and pages with large load sizes.

Build powerful web applications, quickly & easily Build high quality production sites efficiently. Easily surpass the types of sites developed with standard Web servers to manage content, add personalization, provide push and search services and conduct analysis of how your site is used.

Integrated sharing of data Unlike niche solutions, which are complex to integrate, you can easily coordinate all your published site information and the data you gather about how your site is being used. This allows you to improve the end-user experience.

Lowest cost to operate Use the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) to easily and inexpensively manage sites. For remote administration, use web administration to easily manage a site using a web browser such as IE4.

Low acquisition costs Lower the bar for getting business value from the web. Site 3.0 includes a comprehensive set of Web functionality at a fraction of the cost of competitors' single-purpose products.

Organize and manage your site information. As site usage increases, the amount of content on a site grows. Content management, content deployment and content analysis provide administrators with the capabilities to quickly set up processes and bring this content under control.

Improved user interaction and understanding. Get a direct understanding of your users and build an on-going relationship with end-users by analyzing usage patterns and subsequently targeting information delivery based on their specific needs and interests.

Improved communication & information sharing. With Site 3.0's Knowledge Management features (Personalization, Search & Push) you can gather, filter, target and deliver relevant information to the right users in a timely manner.

Improve business processes. Improve inter-group services and applications. Multiple authors can easily publish information up to a Web site, this information can be easily delivered to users based on their needs and you can get feedback as to which parts of your site are effective.

Reduce costs. Build sophisticated business applications based around internet protocols, Site 3.0--combined with IIS 4.0-- reduces the development and management costs for sophisticated client-server applications.

Supplement and integrate with traditional system. Because Site 3.0 supports industry-standard protocols, it can easily be integrated into your existing information technology infrastructure.

Improve service to customers. User-based delivery of information let you understand your end-users and target their needs to more easily and completely provide support on-line.

Provide end-users autonomy. End-users can quickly and easily locate information on your site. This allows them the freedom to service themselves and reduces the costs of providing them with a good experience.

Improved Features

Analysis. Richer usage reports can be created from integrated commerce, personalization, search, and content data.

Direct Mailer. Commerce, analysis, and personalization features integrate to enable sites to offer personalized direct mailings based on actual shopper activity.