Microsoft® Bob version 1.0 for Windows®

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Microsoft Bob simplifies home management by bringing everything together in one place.

Get organized with a Calendar and an Address Book, keep track of your bills on Checkbook, and stay in touch with friends and relatives with great-looking letters from Letter Writer. Bob really makes it easy and enjoyable to use your home PC to manage your home because you get personalized help from the Personal Guides within Bob. Bob gives you on centralized place to keep track of everything and the links between the programs make it even easier to stay organized.

Add Great Greetings to Bob and you can have fun creating customized cards and invitations for the Holidays.



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Bob makes managing your household easy because the eight programs are linked:


System Requirements

486SX or higher microprocessor
8 MB
Hard Disk
32 MB
Super VGA (for full 256-color support)
3.5" high-density disk
Operating System
Microsoft Windows 3.1 or later
Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device recommended
2400 baud modem (9600 recommended) required

Monthy fees required for use of Checkbook Pay Online feature, which is available in the United States only.