Microsoft ® SQL Server 6.5

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  • Microsoft SQL Server version 6.5 is a scaleable, high-performance database management system designed specifically for distributed client/server computing.

    Powerful, built-in data replication provides a reliable way to disseminate accurate information and improve its availability throughout your enterprise. A comprehensive distributed management framework lets you centrally manage all the database servers in your organization. The multithreaded, parallel database design in Microsoft SQL Server delivers scaleable high performance on today’s cost-effective, standard hardware.

    And its open architecture—based on industry standards—ensures interoperability with the broadest range of applications, development tools, host gateways, and networks. Microsoft SQL Server meets the most demanding requirements for reliability, data integrity, and security.

    And as part of the Microsoft BackOffice family, SQL Server works with other BackOffice server applications to offer powerful client/server solutions to help your business perform better, to improve decision making and streamline business processes.
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    System Requirements


    System using a 486 or higher processor (Pentium®m recommended), PowerPC, MIPS®, R4xxx, or Alpha AXP processor



    16 MB of memory (32 MB with replication)

    Hard Disk
    80 MB of available hard disk space (95 MB with books online)



    VGA, Super VGA, or video graphics adapter compatible with Microsoft Windows® NT Server 3.51 or 4.0


    Operating System
    Microsoft Windows NT Server version 3.51 or later