You've Gone Inside!

Visual Studio 97
Enterprise Edition
Constructs Your Vision

by Bud Berrett

November 19, 1997

What does it mean when Windows Tech Journal gives more coverage to Networks than the Windows Operating System?  What does it mean when a Microsoft Developer's Conference spends more time on Network programming than Windows?  What does it mean when web browser functionality blurs the fine line between OS and the World Wide Web?   Well, I'll tell you what it means... it means the future is here, and its name is: The Internet.  Microsoft has a clear and concise objective:  Include the Internet in everything.  In order to better achieve this goal, Developers need tools that can help them construct the vision of this mandate.  Visual Studio Enterprise Edition is that tool.

Visual Studio 97

In a marketing decision so simple it seems almost overlooked before, Microsoft has packaged its "Top Gun" Visual tools in one box at a greatly reduced price. In the environment developers face today, it seems almost naive to think they would need only one tool.  Visual Studio Enterprise Edition comes ready to connect with Internet objects, SQL Server, Transaction Server, support for Microsoft Repository, and Visual tool editions packed with today's technology.

Visual Studio Professional Edition includes:

Visual Basic 5.0
Visual C++ 5.0
Visual J++ 1.1
Visual FoxPro 5.0
Visual InterDev 1.0

Visual Studio 97
Visual Studio Enterprise Edition includes the above plus:

Visual SourceSafe
SQL Server 6.5
Transaction Server
Microsoft Repository
Image Composer
Media Manager
Music Composer

Visual Basic 5.0 has been retooled with native code compiling which will allow developers to create VB applications for retail sale. It also boasts Active X control creation as well as support for Active Server Pages and Active documents, each a new feature addressing the Networking requirements.

VB 5.0

Visual C++ 5.0 has a compiler that reduces the compiled size by up to 10% which makes for faster code. It comes complete with Internet aware objects which recognize HTTP, FTP, and Gopher protocols.

Visual J++ is Microsoft's Java development environment which is, after all, a language developed for Networked systems.


Visual Foxpro 5.0 can now create and support Active X controls.

Visual InterDev is the dream tool for developing teams creating Internet front ends to databased information. It is also the tool of choice for the creation of Active Server Pages.

As you can see, this package has been completely retooled for Internet connectivity and has support for the teams whose job it is to take us there.


The Visual Studio suites have the following system requirements:

PC with a 486/66 MHz or higher processor (Intel Pentium 90 processor recommended) Microsoft Windows 95 operating system or Microsoft Windows NT Workstation operating system version 4.0 or later
16 MB of RAM (32 MB recommended) for Windows 95; 24 MB (32 MB recommended) for Windows NT Workstation
Hard-disk space:
Visual Basic (30 MB minimum, 220 MB maximum);
Visual C++ (120 MB minimum, 500 MB maximum);
Visual FoxPro (15 MB minimum, 190 MB maximum);
Visual InterDev (37 MB minimum, 52 MB maximum);
Visual J++ (35 MB minimum, 55 MB maximum);
Microsoft Developer Network Library (10 MB minimum, 1 GB maximum)
Additional tools and information on compact discs: 189 MB
Visual J++ and Visual C++ require 32-bit CD-ROM drivers
CD-ROM drive
VGA or higher-resolution monitor (17-inch, Super VGA recommended)
Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device

Visual Studio Professional Edition lists for $889.99 USD in a national catalogue. In the same catalogue, the professional edition of Visual C++ 5.0 is $449.99 USD and the professional edition of Visual Basic 5.0 is $449.99 USD. So for less than the price of two of the standalone tools, you get them all!

Copyright 1997 by Bud Berrett
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