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Microsoft Office 97 Professional Edition

Apollo Score: Apollo Score: 86 Users' Rating: 1 (10 votes)

Microsoft Office 97 Professional Edition Although itís far from perfect, an honest reviewer must say up front that the Office suite has come a long way over the years. While thereís still some distance to be travelled before they form a completely seamless suite, the individual components are looking pretty sharp.

Thereís Word, the standard in word processing thatís changed only modestly from the 95 version.

Thereís Excel, the spreadsheet program that even the greenest of users can use to produce good-looking spreadsheets.

Thereís PowerPoint, the presentation program that produces sharp presentations in a snap.

Thereís Access, a database application that deserves wider use by regular folks.

Thereís also Outlook, a combination calendar, e-mail, address book program that could be laid out better, but still has a handy combination of functions.

And thereís Bookshelf Basics, a miniature version of Microsoftís reference package, including a dictionary, thesaurus and book of quotations.

On top of all that, you get 3,000 clip-art images, 150 fonts and Internet Explorer (hands up, anyone who hasnít received three or four copies bundled with just about everything).

Microsoft Office 97 Professional Edition is an impressive package. Those who donít have use for a database might want to get a lesser version of the Office suite, but think first about your CD or book collection or other hobby that involves lots of stuff that needs to be tracked. Access is a much better choice than a spreadsheet for that kind of use.

This package is more powerful than most home users will ever know. But thatís OK - better too much potential that not enough.

Itís probably true that, Office 97ís improvements over Office 95 are modest enough to make this the upgrade to skip and wait for the next one. But if youíre starting from scratch, this is a package worth looking at. Even if you do hate Microsoft.

Brian Webster

Released in 1996
Published by Microsoft
Web site: www.microsoft.com/office
Computer platform: Win 95/Win NT