Microsoft® Publisher 2000 OEM

Microsoft Publisher 2000

Microsoft® Publisher 2000 OEM
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Publisher 2000 is a business desktop publishing program that enables users to easily create professional-looking marketing materials. The release of Publisher 2000 offers more design options with over 2,000 professionally designed publication templates and hundreds of design elements for users to mix and match within their publications. A flexible wizard model allows users to work the way they want, and automated design expertise helps them achieve professional results without design expertise. Stronger Office integration and a complete print-to-Web publishing solution enable users to deliver professional-looking results!!
  • Microsoft® Publisher 2000 OEM
  • No COA, Printed Manuals or Documentation are Provided
  • This is a Full Version - Not an Upgrade
  • Packaging: Original 1 CD with 'Edge to Edge' Holograms in a Slim Jewel Case with Unique and Unregistered Product Key Number on Generic Sticker for Installation and Registration wrapped in a custom plastic package!
  • Microsoft® 'CD(s) Only' are supplied as 'CD(s) only.' If your intent is to use it as a valid End-User License please obtain your own legal opinions as to the validity. We assume no liability from any consequences arising from your decision.
  • OEM: End-User must purchase with qualifying hardware
  • Easy to Learn and Use. Publisher 2000 is an integral part of the Office family of applications that look and work alike, enabling users to get up and running quickly, and to achieve great-looking results with less effort.
  • Professional results for non-professional designers. Publisher 2000 provides built-in professional design expertise plus enhanced automation tools to help users project a more professional image in all their printed and online communications.
  • Complete Publishing Solution. Publisher 2000 makes it easy to achieve professional results from a desktop printer, copy shop, or commercial printer. And, easy Web site creation and the ability to save to HTML makes publishing to the Web a breeze.
  • Quick Publication Wizard: Provides professional looks and layout options for great-looking single page publications.
  • Expanded Design Sets: 20 sets of professionally designed looks that can be applied across all your publication needs from letterhead and a brochure to a Web site.
  • Familiar Menus and Toolbars: Includes consistent menus and shortcuts, including the most common toolbar buttons used in Microsoft Word such as bullets, indents, and text effects.
  • Bullets and numbering: Work like Microsoft Word by automatically creating simple numbered and bulleted lists to powerful multi-level lists.
  • Pack and Go: Walks you through packing all the elements needed to print your publication, such as fonts and images, across multiple disks or to a specified folder location for easy travel to your local copy shop or commercial printer.
  • Commercial Printing Support: Full support for commercial printing including automatic 4-color process color separations, spot colors and the Pantone® Matching System allow users the flexibility to print the way they need.
  • Smart Recolouring: Smartly recolours clip art and graphics to another color or another color plus black to allow you to create a unique look for your graphics, or convert them to 1 and 2 colors, for economical printing with spot colors.
  • File Open/Save dialog: Shares the same file open and save dialog with Office 2000 which allows you to view 50% more files with less visual clutter, and provides links to the last 20-50 documents you’ve worked on—regardless of which application they were created in.
  • AutoConvert: Converts an existing newsletter or brochure to a complete, multi-page Web site with a click of a button.
  • Save to the Web: Allows a user to save any publication to HTML for posting to the World Wide Web or to post directly to a Web server. (Converts images to JPEG and clipart to .GIF’s)
  • Web Content: Includes over 1000 specifically designed pieces of Web Art, from banners and buttons to animated .GIF’s, to add pizzazz to your Web site.
  • Colour Schemes & Custom Colour Schemes: Over 60 professionally-coordinated Colour Schemes that look good together. Can be applied to any publication. Completely customizable, so you can create and save your own look for use in all your Publisher files.
  • High Quality Content: Includes over 16,000 pieces of clipart, 1,700 photographs, 200 fonts, 400 Design Gallery Elements, 90 sounds and 600 animated .GIF’s.
  • Flip Graphics: Allows a user to flip any graphical element
  • Save As: Allows you to save your Publisher 2000 files to a Publisher 98 file format, HTML, or PostScript for easy file sharing.
Product Requirements
  • OEM: End-User must purchase with qualifying hardware
  • Computer/Processor: P75 or higher processor
  • Memory: 16 MB of RAM for running with Windows 95 or Windows 98; 32 MB of RAM for running with Windows NT Workstation 4.0
  • Hard Disk: 127 MB available hard-disk space for typical installation; typical installation includes 25MB for Clip Gallery image previews.
  • Drive: CD-ROM
  • Display: VGA, Super VGA recommended
  • Operating System: Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT Workstation version 4.0 with Service Pack 3 or later
  • Peripherals: Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device
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