Microsoft Office 97 Standard Edition Retail Box

Microsoft Office 97 Standard Edition

Microsoft Office 97 Standard Edition Retail Box
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Microsoft's Office 97 Standard Edition is definitely one of the most powerful all around office suites available. It includes the usual word processor and spreadsheet, a contact management program and a presentation tool. Unlike many other programs, the Office Suite not only acknowledges other applications but allows you to learn how to use this product with the shortcuts from other common applications!!
  • Attractive Retail Box
  • Includes Word 97, Excel 97, Outlook 97, PowerPoint 97
  • Microsoft Word 97:
  • Microsoft Word 97 is also a great tool. It has numerous built in functions that make it a must have for anyone. Not only is it your typical word processor, there are some nice features as well. These include the ability to customize your bullets and numbering systems, auto-correct for commonly misspelled words and a spelling and grammar checker. It also has a number of wizards to walk you through different types of documents. Another key feature is the ability to set up your own templates. All in all, Word is one of the best word processors available.
  • Microsoft Excel 97:
  • Microsoft Excel 97 is a powerful spreadsheet program that allows you to organize your data, so it can be used for many different purposes. You can use it to organize your finances, and other important data. With this program you can create different types of graphs and charts. The best feature of Excel is the conversion feature. It makes this already easy to use spreadsheet ideal for a converting user. Excel actually has a shortcut that allows users who learned on Lotus to use the Lotus Shortcuts. Not only does it allow them to work, it also with the appropriate set up, shows the user the Microsoft shortcut. Combine that with a top-notch spreadsheet with tons of built in functions and you have an awesome spreadsheet.
  • Microsoft Outlook 97:
  • Microsoft Outlook 97 is the organizer of the Office Suite. With this program you handle your e-mail services, also your appointment scheduling, contact or address book. This is like having an electronic rolodex on your computer. It also has a neat little feature called Notes. They are little electronic post-it notes. You can use them to save yourself little notes so you don't have to put little pieces of paper all over your office to remember things.
  • Microsoft Power Point 97:
  • Microsoft Power Point 97 is a great program to help you create a professional slide presentation, overhead presentation using transparencies. You can also create printed handouts for presentations. It is probably one of the easiest to use tools of its kind available. Not only can you design and layout your slides but you can include a number of transitions from one slide to the next and even automate the whole process. An additional feature that is included in Powerpoint is the ability to add Multimedia to your presentation. You can set it up so that when a certain slide is displayed it plays a particular track on a CD. You can creat some very impressive looking presentations with this little tool and it is extremely easy to use.
Product Requirements
  • System requirements:
  • Computer/Processor: Personal or multimedia computer with a 486 or higher processor.
  • Memory: On Windows® 95, 8 MB to run applications individually. On Windows NT® Workstation, 16 MB of memory required to run applications individually. More memory may be required to run additional applications simultaneously.
  • Hard Disk: 60-167 MB hard disk space required, depending on configuration; approximately 102 MB required for typical installation.
  • Drive: CD-ROM drive
  • Display: VGA or higher-resolution video adapter (Super VGA, 256-color recommended).
  • Operating System: Windows 95 operating system or later or Windows NT 3.51 Service Pack 5 or later (will not run on earlier versions).
  • Peripherals: Microsoft Mouse, Microsoft IntelliMouse™, or compatible pointing device; 9600 baud or higher modem (14.4 recommended); Microsoft Mail, Microsoft Exchange, Internet SMTP/POP3, or other MAPI-compliant messaging software required to use e-mail.
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