24-Inch Round UDMA/133 IDE Cable - Black Retail

24-Inch Round UDMA/133 IDE Cable - Black Retail
Product Number R24133-BLK Shipping Weight 0.50 lbs
Warranty Period 1 Year Manufacturer  
Condition New Manufacturer Part No. R24133-BLK
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This Black UDMA/133 Cable is not the normal ribbon cable that you expect to see hooking up all those IDE devices, instead it is wrapped in a cool looking black vinyl protective cover. This cable is made of high quality TPO material to assure performance and reliability and in addition will bring some class and coolness to any computer system!!
  • 2-Foot Round Black UDMA/133 IDE Cable
  • General Features:
  • Attractive Retail Translucent Carded Packaging
  • Color: Black
  • IDE Cable
  • Vinyl Round Cable Design
  • UDMA/133 IDE Cable (backwards compatible)
  • Standard 40-pin / 80-wire setup
  • 24-inches (2-feet) Long
  • Three (3) 40-PIN IDE Connectors
  • Number 20-pin Blocked (this is standard)
  • Notes:
  • Cable Only
Product Requirements
  • The need for one COOL BLACK IDE Cable
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