25' VGA Premium Extension UL2919 Cable w/Ferrites DB15HD M/F

25' VGA Premium Extension UL2919 Cable w/Ferrites DB15HD M/F
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The premium quality R.G.B. COAXIAL compliant PC to Monitor Cable! Designed to fully support all of the capabilities and advantages of the UL2919/2990 standards, including all High Speed and data transmission.

This cable features a D-SUB HIGH DENSITY 15 Male connector for a PC VGA Card and a D-SUB HIGH DENSITY 15 Female Connector to extend an existing monitor cable. This cable is supplied with a ferrite core on each side.

This cable will perform flawless in all type of monitors , including all High Speed EMI/RFI Monitors!!

  • 25' VGA Premium Extension UL2919 Cable w/Ferrites DB15HD M/F
  • This 25-foot monitor extension cable has a female DB-15HD connector on one end and a male DB-15HD connector on the other.
  • Extends the length of an existing Super VGA monitor cable
  • Connects PC's VGA/SVGA port to a switchbox that has an HD15 male connector.
  • D-subminiature High Density Connector 15pin male/female, Providing excellent connector retention and shielding conductivity.
  • double-shielded video cable
  • Three internal coax lines for red, green and blue
  • Constructed of premium grade Double Shielded (125% Foil shielding; 90% Tinned Copper Braid shielding) to meet UL 2919/2990 specifications, and ensure compliance with Ferrite Core with FCC requirements, reducing EMI/RFI interference.
  • FERRITES SHIELD: The RF absorbing core material interacts directly with unwanted high frequency energy and dissipates it effectively while allowing data signals to pass unimpeded. It also control the unwanted aftereffects of high frequency microprocessor energy.
  • Recommended to ensure accurate data transmission and minimize signal degradation.
  • Provides maximum conductivity with no data loss.
  • Ground indents provide excellent conductivity and retention with mating conductors.
  • PVC premold encapsulates individual conductors to ensure electrical isolation and relieve stress.
Product Requirements
  • A Need to Extend the distance of an SVGA From the CPU
  • A Switchbox Needing This Cable
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