V-Gear AirCam TV 2.4 GHz Wireless Home Security Kit Retail Box

V-Gear AirCam TV 2.4 GHz Wireless Home Security Kit Retail Box
Product Number   Shipping Weight 4.0 lbs
Warranty Period 1 Year Manufacturer Asiamajor Inc.
Condition New Country of Origin Taiwan
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Asiamajor Inc., manufactures reliable and proprietary multimedia related products for desktop and laptop PCs, today introduced V-Gear AirCam TV, the 1st 2.4 GHz wireless home security kit in V-Gear family. Different from other V-Gear products, users can simply keep an eye on properties, babies and pets by turning on their TV sets. Ideal for home users, V-Gear AirCam TV doesn't require any knowledge in using computer, no installation, no construction, best for women and children to monitor stairway, entrance or baby room.

Knock! Knock! Don't bother to go out and check who is out there in the mid-night, just see what's happening in your area while lying in bed. Ideal for home security, V-Gear AirCam TV is a wireless DIY tool kit designed for severe guard of properties in buildings, warehouses, parking lots and shops, etc. Light and handy design make it mountable onto wall or ceiling for monitoring stairway, entrance or baby room. And via the receiver, you can not only see smooth video but hear sound by just turning on your TV. Wireless, easy, trouble-free, 100% secure!

And no more sweat wasting on and money on construction on your lovely house, compared to traditional surveillance system V-Gear AirCam TV adopts high-speed 2.4 GHz RF transmitting and receiving, truly cost-effective solution! Can't find any power supply near by? Our bonus battery pack will help and provide you mobile use. V-Gear AirCam TV provides 4 main channels and another 4 sub-channels, you can place up to 8 wireless cameras* around your neighborhood, 24-hour at your service. When at work or on vacation, simply record to videotapes or capture to your hard disk with a video-capture device for storage to prevent theft, home security couldn't be easier! *Can purchase additional wireless cameras!!
  • V-Gear AirCam TV 2.4 GHz Wireless Home Security Kit Retail Box
  • Attractive Retail Box
  • Perfect Design - Good to stand or mount onto wall/ceiling
    vs. Others: Is NOT mountable
  • Built-in Mic - Provide real-time video/audio monitoring
    vs. Others: Need additional Microphone
  • High Speed 2.4GHz RF dipole antenna
    vs. Others: Need time, money and effort to construct security system
  • No Installation - Best for family members and elder users
    vs. Others: Difficult software settings, designed only for pro users
  • Real-time Capture - Record via VCR or computer with a video-capture device
    vs. Others: None
  • V-Gear battery pack - Record video/audio anytime, anywhere
    vs. Others: None
  • Support four to eight channels, transmitting distance up to 100 meters
  • Support manual/auto settings for channel selection
  • Power-on LED indicator
  • Bonus: V-Gear Battery Pack!
  • Package Contents:
  • V-Gear AirCam TV transmitter (Built-in Mic)
  • V-Gear AirCam TV receiver
  • Power Adapter x2 (6V DC)
  • RCA cable (Audio x2/Video x1)
  • V-Gear battery pack (includes four AAA batteries)
  • Transmitter stand
  • Screw sets x3
  • User manual
  • Warranty Service Certificate/Registration Card
  • Applications:
  • Home Security
  • Warehouse/Facility Surveillance
  • Baby Monitoring
  • Real-time Recording
  • Specifications:
  • Integrated Stand & Clip design
  • Sensor: 1/3" CMOS
  • Resolution: 300K Pixels
  • Channel Frequency:
  • CH1: 2410 MHz
  • CH2: 2430 MHz
  • CH3: 2450 MHz
  • CH4: 2470 MHz
  • Frequency Deviation: +/-100KHz (10¢XC - 50¢XC)
  • RF Output Power: Vcc=3.3V, Load=50£[, 10dBm
  • Camera function: Adjustable manual focus, Auto White Balance, Power-on LED indicator
  • Focus: 3.5 cm to infinity
  • Horizontal Scan Frequency: 15.734KHz(NTSC)/ 15.625KHz(PAL)
  • Vertical Scan Frequency: 59.94KHz(NTSC)/ 50.00KHz(PAL)
  • Video Output: Composite Video(RCA) Out
  • Audio Output: Stereo Audio(3.5mm) Out
  • DC Input: 6V DC 500mA
  • Size:
  • Transmitter: 70mmx58mmx92mm
  • Receiver: 95mmx75mmx25mm
  • Antenna: 85mm
  • Weight:
  • Transmitter: 95g
  • Receiver: 100g
  • Compatible with messaging applications: MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, NetMeeting¡Ketc (requires a video-capture device)
  • FCC, CE
Product Requirements
  • At least one TV set.
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