50-Pack Thumb Screws for PC Cases

50-Pack Thumb Screws for PC Cases
Product Number TSPACK50 Shipping Weight 0.40 lbs
Warranty Period 1 Year Manufacturer  
Condition New Country Of Origin China
Packaging Ziplock Plastic Bag Support Contact Dealer
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50 Pack Thumb Screws. Ideal for the system builder, these thumb screws provide quick installation for securing cases. Tighten by hand, then secure snugly with a screwdriver.

They are ideal for people who frequently open their systems, swapping components in and out! Why fumble around your case with a screwdriver when you can just use your hands?!!

  • 50-Pack Thumb Screws for PC Cases
  • General Features:
  • 50 Thumb Screws Total!
  • 10 Thumb Screws per Pack, 5 Packs
  • Tighten by Hand, Flathead or Phillips Screwdriver
  • Ideal for Securing Cases
Product Requirements
  • A Need for Thumb Screws
Informational Links
  • None
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