Sound Activated 12" Blue Cold Cathode Light Kit

Sound Activated 12" Blue Cold Cathode Light Kit
Product Number CASELAMPTUBE Shipping Weight 1.0 lbs
Warranty Period 1 Year Manufacturer Skywell Holding Ltd. 
Condition New Manufacturer Part No. CASELAMPTUBE
Packaging Plain White Box Support Contact Dealer
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Do you want to spicy up your system? Why not make your system into the music with this special neon light. This light can light up with the beat of your music. Great for playing games with dancing lights to your gaming sound!

Light up your computer with our blue Cold Cathode neon case lighting kit. Total length is 12 inches of light. Cold Cathode light is incased in a acrylic tube allowing for 360 degrees of light!!
  • Sound Activated 12" Blue Cold Cathode Light Kit
  • Color: Blue
  • Plain White Box Packaged - One Lamp Per Box
  • 12 inch long from end to end
  • The 100% acrylic casing allows an even distribution of light
  • Tube Voltage: 180 ~ 1000V
  • Average life: 15,000 hrs
  • 3W power consumption (less than a hard drive)
  • 3/4" High impact resistant Lexan tube
  • 12V DC power required to function
  • Low energy consumption
  • Very low heat generated
  • Built-in sensor that's activated by sound
  • Installation:

  • Connects to power supply with 4-Pin plug

  • The tube is mountable inside your case by double-sided tapes

  • Both ends also have a flat area for mounting with double-sided tape
  • It's a good idea to connect the power through a switch making it easier to turn the light off from outside of the computer case
  • The switch can be mounted onto the drive bay cover, the case front bezel or the side/top panel
  • You must drill a hole on the material to mount the switch
Product Requirements
  • Notes:
  • You need at least 12" space to mount this product
  • Measure the length of the available space in your case before purchasing
  • For interior use only
  • Sensitivity of these lights for sound activation is preset at the factory and is non-adjustable
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