Keychain Counterfeit Currency & Software Detectors Using UV Light Retail

Keychain Counterfeit Currency & Software Detectors Using UV Light Retail
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Warranty Period 1 Year Manufacturer Well Lands Enterprise Co.
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What makes this violet/near-UV light different from the rest isn't its cool looks, but it's beam. This light produces a very wide angle beam, which some people prefer over the narrow beam for tasks like checking UV security features in documents and illuminating vaseline (uranium) glass.

The "Counter-Detect" is a keychain sized violet LED flashlight. The decidedly *cool* looking unit is equipped with a wide-angle near-UV LED emitting at just under 400nm, and is powered by 4 coin cells. This Portable UV Money Detector, detects counterfeit currency. Features a UV detection Bulb, in a compact, lightweight housing doubling as a keychain. It includes one extra set of 4 batteries. Packaged on an attractive retail color card!!

  • Lightweight
  • Looks cool
  • Easy pushbutton operation
  • Product Type: UV/near-UV 'money detector'
  • Lamp Type: LED
  • No. of Lamps: 1
  • Beam Type: Wide angle with slight central ring
  • Switch Type: Dome type momentary pushbutton
  • Batteries: 4 ea. coin cells
  • Water Resistant: Light weather resistance only
  • Submersible: No
  • Accessories: Split ring, batteries
  • Types: Cylinder shaped or Bullet shaped
Product Requirements
  • Currency or Software to examine
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