Pros and Cons


The fastest performing x86 processor available. 
SSE implementation for better 3D and multimedia performance. 


Well, as fast as it is, it's also pretty expensive

There's no doubt about the performance of the Intel Pentium III 600, it's the fastest x86 CPU on the market, after all. And yes, we do have the Athlons to drool over in the coming months, along with the new PIII based on the 0.18 micron architecture, but if you're thinking pure speed right now, this is for you. Plus, like all its siblings, the Pentium III 600 includes SSE support for present and upcoming titles, and we all know that SSE optimized software along with the aid of the processor will offer a 10 -30% boost in real-world performance.

But of course the Pentium III 600, being Intel's latest flagship processor, has quite a price tag. In fact, it ranges between $670 - $740 depending on your region. So if you want one of these things be prepared to be paying more than your average CPU price.


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