AMD Athlon 750MHz SLOT A

AMD Athlon 750MHz SLOT A
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Warranty Period 1 Year Manufacturer AMD
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The War is ON!!! Get the CPU that beat the Pentium III !!!! The AMD Athlon processor is among the world's most powerful engines for PC computing, as well as the industry's first seventh-generation x86 microarchitecture. Business users who work with image processing, digital content creation, CAD/CAE, scientific applications and other computationally-demanding software will benefit from the tremendous processing power of AMD Athlon processor-based systems. Computing enthusiasts who want the performance and clock speeds required to run the latest 3D gaming, entertainment, Internet, and personal productivity software will demand desktop systems powered by the AMD Athlon.
  • Model 4 AMD Athlon (THUNDERBIRD)
  • Slot A Version
  • 750 MHz
  • AMD-A0750MPR24B A
  • Brand New
  • CPU Only
Product Requirements
  • Motherboard that Supports 750MHz Slot A Thunderbird CPU
  • Slot A Heatsink & Fan
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