iomega 250MB Zip Disk Retail

iomega 250MB Zip Disk Retail
Product Number   Shipping Weight 3.0 lbs
Warranty Period 1 Year Manufacturer iomega
Condition New Manufacturer Part No.  
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250MB Zip disks hold even more of your stuff! They're inexpensive, reliable, and ready to help you organize everything!!
  • iomega 250MB Zip Disk Retail
  • Collect photos from your scanner or digital camera
  • Download information, images and software from the Web
  • Collect your favorite audio and video clips
  • Share extra large files with co-workers
  • Give your kids disks for school work
  • Take work files home or on the road
  • Keep all your important files
  • Expand your computer space
  • Store and run games
  • Make copies of your best work
Product Requirements
  • Any 250 MB Zip Drive
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