Microsoft Mouse version 2.0 for Windows

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Microsoft Mouse

The ergonomically designed Microsoft Mouse is the ultimate pointing device for the Microsoft Windows operating system.

The unique shape of the Microsoft Mouse gives enhanced support to your hand for ergonomic comfort. And now new innovative software adds productivity by simplifying repetitive tasks.







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Microsoft Mouse features:





System Requirements

MDA, CGA, EGA, VGA, SVGA, XGA or VESA VCI - compatible video driver
One 3.5" high-density (1.44) disk drive
Operating System
MS-DOS version 3.1 or higher
(To use IntelliPoint software, you also need Windows operating system version 3.1 or later, including Windows 95, or Windows NT version 3.51 or later )
A round mouse port (PS/2) or a 9-pin or 25-pin serial port.
(A mouse port[PS/2] 6-pin-to-9-pin [serial] adapter is included with the combination version. Coupon for a mouse port [PS/2] 6-pin-to-25-pin [serial] adapter is also included)