Zoom/PCMCIA FaxModem V.34C

The Zoom/PCMCIA V.34C is a high-speed, ultraportable 28,800 bps faxmodem designed for both landline and wireless cellular communications. It features high connectivity and throughut in a small, plug-in package. Its small size, slim cord, rugged connector design, built-in DAA, cellular capability, advanced MNP 10ECTM Enhanced CellularTM technology, PC CardGuardTM digital PBX protection, and battery-conserving circuitry make the Zoom V.34C the perfect traveling companion.
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The Zoom/PCMCIA FaxModem V.34C is a state-of-the-art faxmodem card that can be used with a notebook, palmtop, PDA, or any computer with a compatible PCMCIA slot in the office and on the road, as both a landline and cellular send-and-receive fax device and data modem. It is a fully Hayes-compatible V.34 modem that supports the international V.34 standard for 28,800 bps data transmission. It also supports Class 1 and Class 2 fax at speeds up to 14,400 bps.

Installing the Zoom V.34C is fast and easy. Just plug it into a standard PCMCIA Type II, III, or Toshiba 16mm slot, and then attach by means of a slim cord to a telephone jack. The V.34C provides wired communications when connected to a standard telephone jack, and wireless communications when connected to a cellular telephone.

The Zoom V.34C is cellular ready, with all required cellular circuitry on-board. No bulky cords or special adapters are required. You will need to order an inexpensive cellular phone activation kit that includes a slim cord and activation software for your cellular phone. Then you can use standard fax and data software for all faxmodem functions. Data rates depend on the quality of the cellular connection. To assure the highest cellular connectivity and data transfer rates, the Zoom/PC-Card FaxModem V.34C includes advanced MNP 10EC Enhanced Cellular hardware and firmware.

The Zoom V.34C is equipped with PC Card-Guard, a special feature that fully protects the modem circuitry from damage if it is accidentally connected to a digital PBX phone jack. PC Card-Guard senses and diverts excessive current before it can damage the faxmodem.

Sleep mode capability conserves power when the Zoom V.34C is running on a computer's battery. When the faxmodem is in sleep mode, it "wakes up" when it senses activity, such as a modem command or an incoming call.

The Zoom/PCMCIA V.34C is made in the USA by Zoom Telephonics, Inc., an industry leader in telecommunications since 1977.


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