Cat5E 350 MHz Crossover Cable 10-Foot - Blue w/Snagless Boots

Cat5E 350 MHz Crossover Cable 10-Foot - Blue w/Snagless Boots
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What is a Category 5E crossover patch cable? Think of it as the footpath that connects certain houses together on your block. Actually, it's a cable that directly links one computer to another on a Local Area Network (LAN). The RJ45 CAT5E UTP crossover cable with molded strain relief is designed to connect Hub-to-Hub or PC-to-PC. It features RJ45 male-to-male connectors and a molded strain relief.

This cable eliminates the need of an Ethernet HUB. To network 2 computers you will only need this Crossover cable and 2 network cards. Note: To make your own cable you need to connect (Pin 1 to Pin 3), (Pin 2 to Pin 6), (Pin 3 to Pin 1), (Pin 6 to Pin 2) and all other Pins are left open!!

  • Cat5E 350 MHz Crossover Cable 10-Foot - Blue w/Snagless Boots
  • 10' Cat5E UTP Crossover Cable
  • The RJ45 Cat5E UTP Crossover Cable is designed to connect hub-to-hub PC-to-PC or MAC to MAC
  • Perfect in conjunction with 10 and 100 Base-T Networks
  • 50 micro gold plated connectors to insure a clean and clear transmission
  • Length: 10 Feet
  • Blue Color
  • Molded
  • Premium snagless-type molding to protect the connection
  • Compliant Standards: EIA/TIA-568 Category 5E
  • Used to connect 2 PC's together
  • Used to connect 2 hubs together
  • Increased network efficiency
  • 100% Compliant ANSI, TIA,  EIA
  • Crosses the send and receive
  • Certified to 350 MHz
Product Requirements
  • Need to connect 2 PC's or Hubs together
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