EtherExpress Pro/100 Mobile Adapter 16 bit PCMCIA Retail Box

EtherExpress Pro/100 Mobile Adapter 16 bit PCMCIA Retail Box
Product Number MBLA1600 Shipping Weight 1.0 lbs
Warranty Period 1 Year Manufacturer Intel
Condition New Manufacturer Part No. MBLA1600
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For mobile PCs with 16-bit connectivity, the 16-bit Intel® PRO/100 Mobile PC Cards offer easy installation with high-performance networking. For maximum flexibility, these adapters also plug into 32-bit CardBus slots, allowing you to continue to use the adapters in newer laptops. This 16-bit PC Card with proven 100Base-TX Fast Ethernet technology autosenses network speed to run at either 10 or 100 Mbps. It is easy to install and use. Takes full advantage of Fast Ethernet or legacy 10 Mbps segments. Provides HotSwap support for easy insertion and removal of card. Includes a full driver suite!!
  • EtherExpress Pro/100 Mobile Adapter 16 bit PCMCIA Retail Box
  • Key Features:
  • Auto-configuration for easy installation.
  • Works in 16-bit and 32-bit PCMCIA slots.
  • 10/100 Fast Ethernet for flexible LAN connections.
  • For Network Environments:
  • Ethernet and Fast Ethernet LANs, all network sizes.
  • Challenges Addressed:
  • Compatibility and Interoperability:
  • Support for major network and notebook operating systems - see Tech Specs for details.
  • Performance:
  • Auto-negotiation to highest speed supported on the other end of the network connection.
  • Planning, Implementation & Maintenance:
  • Plug 'n' Play compliant driver suite with automatic driver installation.
  • 10/100 auto-sensing gives you the flexibility to plug into any segment in mixed bandwidth environments.
  • Auto-configuration for easy setup.
  • Smart PowerDown
  • Plug and Play
  • Automated Driver Installation
  • Full Duplex Capable (10Mbps only)
  • Auto-negotiation
  • Hot Swap Capability
  • Board and Network Diagnostics
  • SNMP-Manageable
Product Requirements
  • Platforms supported:
  • Microsoft LAN Manager* (NDIS 2.01)
  • Microsoft Windows NT* 4.0
  • Microsoft Windows* 2000, Me
  • Microsoft Windows* 95, 98
  • Novell Netware* 4.11 Server
  • Novell Netware DOS ODI Client
  • Novell Netware Client 32
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