Microsoft MS DOS 6.22 w/Manual, COA & 3.5 inch Disk Media OEM

Microsoft MS DOS 6.22 w/Manual, COA & 3.5 inch Disk Media OEM
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The tides of change have once again swept over MSDOS. The result this time is MSDOS 6.22. With this new release comes several minor, but long overdue, changes to the operating system. In addition, several bugs and annoyances have been fixed. While MSDOS remains far from being an all-purpose, multitasking operating system, Microsoft has once again shown its desire to keep MSDOS alive!!
  • This is an OEM Version!!
  • Includes:
  • MS-DOS V.6.22 on three (3) 1.44 MB Floppy Disks
  • End user license agreement

  • Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity with Microsoft hologram sticker

  • DOS Manual

  • Registration Card

  • Shrink-Wrapped
  • OEM: End-User must purchase with qualifying hardware to have a valid license with this product!!
  • The most visible change to veteran MSDOS users involves the readability of the output from several utilities, including DIR. In the past, the columns of numbers have appeared in the form "123456789 bytes". With the new changes to MSDOS, such output would be printed as "123,456,789 bytes". While this change seems trivial, it sure makes reading directory listings easier. In all, DIR, MEM, CHKDSK, and FORMAT have been affected by this enhancement.
  • The MOVE, COPY, and XCOPY commands now ask for confirmation before overwriting an existing file.
  • For more experienced users, there exists a command-line switch "/a" that will force a file overwrite without confirmation. This file overwrite confirmation is disabled if the initial command occurs in a batch file. The prompt is disabled so that existing batch files, such as installation routines, continue to work as always.
  • Another long overdue change is to the DISKCOPY command. In the past, copying a disk has required swapping diskettes in and out of the floppy drive several times. Now, DISKCOPY can copy a disk in a single pass. This is accomplished by using the hard drive as interim storage space.
  • For the system administrator, Microsoft has included a utility in MSDOS 6.22 that was previously available from third-party software vendors only. This utility is called SCANDISK. Its purpose is to replace the primitive functionality of CHKDSK. SCANDISK will check the integrity of disks, including those that have been compressed with Microsoft's disk compression software, Doublespace. The ability of SCANDISK to repair damaged file systems is also much greater than that of CHKDSK.
  • Microsoft has improved, albeit slightly, the memory management techniques of several utilities. To compensate for the over-aggressiveness of MSDOS 6.0, Microsoft has also produced a more conservative version of SMARTDRIVE. This new version will yield fewer problems due to the intricacies of write-back caches. One other welcome change to SMARTDRIVE is its ability to cache CD-ROM drives. While this may be of no interest to persons in the computer lab, it is extremely helpful for those of you who have a multimedia computer at home.
Product Requirements
  • OEM: End-User must purchase with qualifying hardware to have a valid license with this product!!
  • Processor: 8086, 80386 or better for advanced memory management
  • RAM: 512 KB
  • Drive space: 5 MB
  • Drives: Runs from hard disk or diskette
  • Video: Monochrome, CGA, EGA, VGA or better
  • File systems: FAT
  • Available 3.5-inch Drive
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