Microsoft Exchange Server V5.5 Enterprise Edition Retail CD

Microsoft Exchange Server V5.5 Enterprise Edition Retail CD
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Businesses today rely on their messaging and collaboration servers more than ever. This reliance means that you do not just need a way to send e-mail or create groupware. Businesses need a comprehensive messaging platform that includes the tools necessary to create rich collaboration applications. Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 is that platform. Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 has a solid messaging foundation, connectivity and co-existence, common, familiar tools for collaboration, and management and administration.

A messaging platform is nothing without a solid foundation. Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 is scalable, reliable, and secure. It offers high performance and high availability. Exchange Server 5.5 allows you to choose the protocols and clients that are best for them, rather than locking them into a single protocol environment. You want to build collaborative applications that take advantage of the messaging platform. Exchange Server 5.5 provides tools that help you take advantage of existing knowledge.

  • This is an Retail Version CD. You get a Microsoft Exchange Server Enterprise Edition V.5.5 on 1 CD in an original factory sealed Jewel Case!
  • The Jewel Case has the original front & rear artwork and CD Key number.
  • No Manuals are included.
  • End-User license contained online.
  • User must agree to the terms & conditions of the license to have a valid licence with this product!!
  • Microsoft Exchange Server Enterprise Edition Version 5.5 includes the following enhancements and new features.
  • Differences between the Standard and Enterprise Editions: Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 Enterprise Edition is designed for organizations that require the highest levels of scalability, interoperability, and availability. The Enterprise Edition includes all of the features of the Standard Edition plus an unlimited data store (constrained only by the server hardware capacity), e-mail connectivity with IBM, PROFS, and SNADS messaging systems, X.400 connectivity, and support for Microsoft Cluster Server. These features extend the core functionality of the Standard Edition, such as built in SMTP support to yield the most comprehensive single product solution for corporate communication and collaboration.
  • Note: The Standard Edition still has a limit of 16 gigabytes for the Information Store. Only the Enterprise Edition allows databases to grow larger than 16 gigabytes.
  • Updated database structure for the information store and directory   Microsoft Exchange Server uses an updated database that provides more robust data storage capabilities. Because of the new database structure, the information store is limited only by your system's hardware capacity.
  • Ability to retrieve deleted items from mailboxes and public folders   Users can now retrieve deleted items in mailboxes and public folders if you set a deleted item retention period for the information store, mailbox, or public folder. Users can recover deleted items by using the Recover Deleted Items command in Microsoft Outlook(tm) version 8.03 or later. Recovered items are copied to the Deleted Items folder using mailboxes, or to the selected folder using public folders.
  • IMAP4   Microsoft Exchange Server supports Internet Message Access Protocol Version 4rev1 (IMAP4rev1).
  • Writeable LDAP   Microsoft Exchange Server enables users to make changes to the directory by using Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).
  • Enhanced protocol support for the Internet Mail Service   The Internet Mail Service supports the following protocols: ETRN, Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME), Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL).
  • Support for MHTML   Microsoft Exchange Server supports MIME Hypertext Markup Language (MHTML), which is the MIME encapsulation of aggregate documents, such as an HTML document with inline pictures.
  • Microsoft Exchange Scripting   You can install the Microsoft Exchange Event Service to support customized public folder workflow applications that you develop. For example, you can develop an application that performs an action when a specified event occurs in a public folder.
  • Container level search control   You can restrict users' access to Address Book views. For example, if you are hosting multiple companies on a single Microsoft Exchange Server computer, you can prevent users of one company from viewing the Address Book views of another company.
  • Support for multiple and differential offline Address Books   Users can also download differential entries in offline Address Books, so that only changes that occurred since the last download are downloaded.
  • Advanced security   You can set multiple password policies that prevent administrators from making changes to the Key Management (KM) server without authorization from one or more other administrators. Microsoft Exchange Server also supports trusted messages sent between organizations so that users can verify the source of messages sent from another organization.
  • Microsoft Cluster Server   Microsoft Exchange Server supports Microsoft Cluster Server, which is included with Windows NT® Server. Microsoft Cluster Server provides fault tolerance in the event of hardware and software malfunctions. It ensures that if a Microsoft Exchange Server computer fails, another is available so mail delivery is never interrupted. Microsoft Cluster Server must be installed on the Microsoft Exchange Server computer to enable support for clustering.
  • Microsoft Exchange Chat Service   Microsoft Exchange Server now includes chat services that enable users to interact with each other online, in real time.
  • SNMP Madman MIB   Microsoft Exchange Server supports the Mail and Directory Management Management Information Base (MADMAN MIB) for use with Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) monitoring agents.
  • Lotus cc:Mail DB8 migration   The Lotus cc:Mail source extractor supports Lotus cc:Mail version 5.x (DB6), and version 6.0 and version 8.0 (DB8).
  • Address space and routing enhancements   Microsoft Exchange Server gives you more control over message routing. The Address Space property page on connectors has been enhanced to enable scoping restrictions on each address space specified. Each address space can be configured so that the connector routes messages that originate from anyone in the organization, routes only messages that originate from within the home site, or routes only messages that originate within the home server location. In addition, each MTA can be configured to use only the least-cost routes to deliver mail, so that if the least-cost route is not accessible, messages are returned with a non-delivery report (NDR).
Product Requirements
  • System Requirements:
  • Minimum processor: Pentium® processor
  • Operating system: Windows® NT Server V4.
  • Minimum Memory Requirements: 24MB
  • Recommended memory requirements: 32MB
  • Minimum Disk Space Requirements: 250MB
  • Recommended disk space requirements: 500MB
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