Topower 350 Watt ATX 2.5A P4/AMD Recommended CSA Power Supply Retail

Topower 350 Watt ATX 2.5A P4/AMD Recommended CSA Power Supply Retail
Product Number TOP-350XP Shipping Weight 3.0 lbs
Warranty Period 1 Year Manufacturer Topower Computer Ind.
Condition New Country of Origin China
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If your PSU's no good, it can cause amazingly diverse problems. Underpowered or otherwise defective PSUs don't necessarily have the decency to just go pop and stop working, you see. They may do that - or they may decide to go out in company, and pass mains voltage through to the motherboard. But they're more likely to just suffer voltage sag.

Voltage sag is your own little private brownout inside your computer case.

Different computer components have different tolerances for low input voltage and other supply oddities, and will foul up in different ways when underpowered. Most of these ways are unlikely to give you any obvious indication that it's the PSU at fault. If you don't know the PC service-person's mantra - "if the problem's bizarre, try another PSU" - you can waste days swapping boards and changing drivers and fooling with your RAM configuration, and still have a computer that flakes out whenever, for instance, all of the drives are accessed at once.

So that's one reason to buy a more expensive, beefier PSU.

The Topower Titanium Silent PSU True 350W power supply has Dual Ball Bearing Cooling Fans, 3-Speed Fan Control, runs Very Quiet and is AMD and Intel Recommended!!

  • Topower 350 Watt ATX 2.5A P4/III AMD Recommended CSA Power Supply Retail
  • Model: TOP-350XP
  • Total Output is 350W Max
  • Attractive Retail Box
  • AMD/Intel 'Recommended' Color Sticker on Outside Packaging
  • Intel & AMD Approval
  • CSA, CE, UL, TUV, CB, and FCC Registered and Approved
  • Titanium-Plated Case
  • Gold Plated Connector Pins
  • Gold Plated Fan Grills
  • Very Quiet Operation
  • Thermal Fan Control Switch: 3-Speed - Auto/Low/Medium
  • Electric-Shock-Free Protection
  • Scan-Disc-Free Protection (PS_Off # >2mS)
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Over Current Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Stable Regulation for +5V, +3.3V, +12V at +/-5%
  • Dual Fan Cooling
  • 100~120Vac / 200-240Vac 10/6A 60/50Hz
  • Orange - +3.3V 26A
  • Red - +5V 35A
  • White - -5V 0.8A
  • Yellow - +12V 15A
  • Blue - -12V 1A
  • Purple - +5V Standby 2.5A
  • Black - Com - Return
  • Green - PS-On - Remote
  • Grey - PW-OK - P.G.
  • 1 x 12" Mainboard Cable
  • 8 X 12"/18" cables 4pin connector for Hard Drive/CDROM/DVD
  • 3 X 12"/18" cables 4pin connector for Case Fans
  • 2 x 24" 4pin connector for floppy/zip drive
  • 1 x 4pin connector for Pentium 4 Motherboard
  • 1 x 6pin connector
  • Dual Sleeve Bearing Fan for better cooling and quieter operation that assures long product life
Product Requirements
  • P4/III or Athlon ATX Case
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