Genica Mobile Rack-Removable IDE HDD Tray + Bay UDMA/133 Retail Box

Genica Mobile Rack-Removable IDE HDD Tray + Bay UDMA/133 Retail Box
Product Number GN210 Shipping Weight 1.04 lbs
Warranty Period 1 Year Manufacturer Genica
Condition New Manufacturer Part No. GN210
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Take Your Data With You!!! Yes! You can take your ATA/133 - ATA/66 IDE Hard Drive Drive with you ANYWHERE with this removable ATA/133 - ATA/66 Enclosure. It includes the removable tray and the tray enclosure (which fits in a standard 5 Drive Bay)!!! This enclosure fits any standard 3.5'' ATA/133 - ATA/66 Drive (just set your BIOS to Auto Detect to migrate hard drives easily and quickly!!) This version also includes a cooling fan, and a removable face plate so that you can easily fit hard drives, ZIP Drives, etc.!!
  • Genica Mobile Rack-Removable IDE HDD Tray + Bay UDMA/133
  • Retail Boxed
  • Removable Hard Drive Rack
  • Supports UDMA/133, UDMA/100, UDMA/66, UDMA/33 and standard IDE devices
  • Very high quality and specially designed for UDMA/133/100/66/33 drives (is downward compatible)
  • For 3.5 Inch Hard Drives, Zip, LS-120, etc.
  • Entire enclosure Mounts into a 5.25 inch drive bay
  • Keylock (Two Keys Included) Prevents Unauthorized Access
  • Hot swappable (please see note below)
  • Dust cover pops into place when drive is removed
  • 2 LED indicators
  • One Cooling fan built into drive rack
  • Fits any standard 3.5'' ATA/133/100/66/33 Drive
  • Auto handle actuated release / Auto plug-in
  • Easy data increase / backup and data sharing
  • Portable - Take your working data with you
  • Compatible with PC, Desktop, Tower case, Subsystem
Product Requirements
  • Disclosures:
  • Only Hot-Swappable in Windows 98/98SE
  • Requirements:
  • Available 3.5'' ATA/133 or ATA/100 Hard Drives (will also work with older HDD's - ATA/66 or ATA/33)
  • Available 5.25'' Drive Bay
  • IDE Controller
  • Available 4-Pin Power Connector
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