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M2954 Specifications

Family Alias : AL-3'

The advanced-technology, high-performance, low profile SCSI drive with 4.35 GB of formatted capacity.

With the rapid growth of enterprise-wide networks and robust applications like multimedia production and CAD/CAM, today's high-end computer systems literally devour storage capacity. To meet the demands of these high-end work stations, servers and mid-range computers, Fujitsu created the M2954, the highest performance and capacity 3.5-inch drive in its class. The M2954 blends advanced technologies and proven engineering expertise in a compact, power saving package to deliver a massive 4.35GB of formatted storage, seek times as low as 10.0 ms, internal transfer rates of up to 14.0 megabytes per second and industry-leading MTBF ratings.

Uncommon Performance / Maximum Capacity

The M2954 combines advanced magneto-resistive (MR) head technology and digital read channel (PR4ML) electronics along with advanced caching strategies to deliver the ultimate in reliable data storage performance and capacity. Rotational speeds of 7,200 RPM, low 4.17 ms latency, fast seek times, rapid 10/20/40 MB/s interface burst transfer rates, spindle synchronization, and a host of other performance-driven features make the M2954 a mass-storage leader.

Advanced Technology

Fujitsu was one of the first disk drive makers to consistently deliver volume production of reliable MR head technology and PR4ML electronics to the mass storage market. A world-wide technology leader, Fujitsu combines more than 25 years' experience and unparalleled expertise in computer and peripheral design and manufacture to deliver leading-edge data storage solutions.

Outstanding Reliability

In the computing world, Fujitsu has long been recognised as a leader in quality and reliability. The M2954 clearly demonstrates this long-held commitment, as evidenced by the drive's industry-leading MTBF and five-year warranty. When the application demands leading-edge performance and exceptional capacity in a power-saving 3.5-inch, by one inch high form factor, you can rely on Fujitsu's advanced M2954 hard disk drive.


4.35GB of formatted storage
Magneto-Resistive (MR) heads
High internal data transfer rate (up to 14.0 MB/s)
Fast 7,200 RPM spindle rotational speed
Rapid 10 ms seek time
Read ahead cache/write cache
512 KB adaptive cache buffer
Fast/Wide SCSI-2 interface, Differential, Fast 20/40, SCA
Audio/Video optimized and multimedia ready
1,000,000-hour MTBF
Five-year warranty


Part Numbers and Options

Model Part Number Interface
M2954SAU CA01407-B503 Fast SCSI-2 single ended
M2954SYU CA01407-B513 Fast-20 SCSI-2 single ended
M2954QAU CA01407-B523 Fast wide SCSI-2 single ended
M2954RAU CA01407-B533 Fast wide SCSI-2 Differential
M2954EAU CA01407-B563 Fast wide SCSI-2 with SCA-2 connector single ended


Functional Specifications

Model M2954SA/SY M2954Q M2954R M2954E
Storage Capacity formatted 4.35 GB
unformatted 5.4 GB
Disks 5
Heads data 9
servo 1
Formatted Track capacity 77,214 to 109,173 bytes (13 zones)
Bytes per sector 512
Cylinders 5,713
Sectors/Track 129 to 186 (13 zones)
Seek Time track to track Read 0.8 ms (typ.) / Write 1.0 ms (typ.)
average Read 8.0 ms (typ.) / Write 9.0 ms (typ.)
maximum Read 17.0 ms (typ.) / Write 18.0 ms (typ.)
Average latency time 4.17ms
Rotational speed 7,200 rpm
Recording density 83,603 to 118,737 bpi (13 zones)
Track density 6,438 tpi
Data transfer rate to/from media 9.5 to 14.0 MB/s
to/from host 6MB/s 12MB/s (asynchronous mode)
  10/20MB/s 40MB/s (synchronous mode)
Recording code RLL 8/9 (0, 4, 4)
Interface Fast/ Fast20 narrow SCSI-2 Fast 20 wide SCSI-2 Fast 20 wide SCSI-2 with SCA-2 connector
single ended differential single ended
Head positioning method ROTARY VCM
Start time 30 sec. (typ.), 60 sec. (max.)
Stop time 30 sec. (typ.)
Buffer size 512KB


Physical Specifications

Power Requirements 12V 5% operating 0.57A (ave.), 2.0A (peak)
5V: 5% operating 1.0A (Sx), 1.1A (Qx/Ex)
12V 5% startup 3.0A (peak < 100s)
5V: 5% startup 1.0A (Sx), 1.1A (Qx/Ex)
Dimensions height 25.4mm
width 101.6mm
depth 146.0mm
Weight 0.6kg
Ambient temperature operating 5C to 50C
not operating -40C to 60C
gradient 15C/H (Max.)
Relative humidity operating 20% to 80%
not operating 5% to 95% (non condensing)
max. wet bulb 29C
Vibration operating 1.0G Max. (5 to 250Hz)
not operating 5G Max. (5 to 250Hz)
Shock operating 5G Max. (10ms)
not operating 50G Max. (10ms)
Altitude operating 3,000m (Max.)
not operating 12,000m (Max.)
Acoustic noise -


Reliability Specifications

Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) 1,000,000 Power on Hours
Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) less than 30 minutes
Component Life 5 years
Recoverable errors -
Unrecoverable errors 10 per 10^15 bits read
Seek errors 10 per 10^8 seeks
Start/stop cycles -