Quantum Atlas IV 9.1GB 7200rpm Ultra160 SCSI 68-Pin Hard Drive

Quantum Atlas IV 9.1GB 7200rpm Ultra160 SCSI 68-Pin Hard Drive
Product Number KN09L011 Shipping Weight 1.2 lbs
Warranty Period 1 Year Manufacturer Quantum
Condition New Manufacturer Part No. KN09L011
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Outstanding Performance and Exceptional Value: By any measure, Atlas IV drives deliver exceptional performance and value. With a 7,200-RPM rotational speed, 6.9 millisecond (ms) average seek time, and proven, fourth-generation architecture, the Atlas IV drive is well equipped to handle a high number of random I/O tasks. And its 21.5 megabyte per-second (MB/sec) sustained data rate and large 2 megabyte (MB) buffer provide abundant capability for high data-throughput applications. Atlas IV is offered in 9.1 and 18.2 gigabyte (GB) low-profile capacities utilizing only two and four disks, respectively and in a 36.4GB half-height model on eight platters. Altogether, an exceptional value.

Ultra160/m SCSI: the Natural Interface Transition Atlas IV leads the industry in offering the advanced Ultra160/m SCSI interface. Ultra160/m supports bus transfer rates up to 160MB/sec - essential for high-bandwidth applications such as clustered servers. It also ensures data protection during drive hot plugging with cyclical redundancy checking (CRC), and domain validation enhances subsystem manageability through intelligent network testing. And because Ultra160/m is fully compatible with current SCSI implementations, your current system investments are protected.

  • Model #: Quantum Atlas IV, 9.1GB #KN09L011
  • Outstanding performance ? 7,200- RPM, 6.9ms average seek time, 21MB/sec maximum sustained data throughput
  • Leading capacities ? 9.1GB, 18.GB and 36.4GB in a 3.5-inch form factor
  • Advanced SCSI interface ? Ultra160/m SCSI supports up to 160MB/sec transfer rates, CRC, and domain validation; fully compatible with Ultra2 and Ultra SCSI systems
  • High reliability ? Quantum Shock Protection System, 352-bit Reed Solomon double-burst ECC on-the-fly, thermal sensing, S.M.A.R.T, five-year warranty
  • Superior manageability ?  Hot-pluggable design, domain validation for automatic bus management, automatic configuration for Ultra160/m or Ultra SCSI interfaces
  • Form Factor Interface: Ultra SCSI 68-pin Wide
  • Typical Seek Time (ms): Average (read) 6.9, Track-track 0.8, Full Stroke 15
  • Formatted Capacity (MB): 9,100 MB (9.1 GB)
  • Dimensions: Height 1.0, Width 4.0, Length 5.75
  • Weight: 1.4lb
Product Requirements
  • Available 3.5" Bay
  • SCSI interface with available connector
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