Samsung 'SpinPoint' 10.2 Gigabyte UDMA/100 5400RPM IDE Hard Drive

Samsung 'SpinPoint' 10.2 Gigabyte UDMA/100 5400RPM IDE Hard Drive
Product Number SV1021H Shipping Weight 1.30 lbs
Warranty Period 1 Year Manufacturer Samsung
Condition New Manufacturer Part No. SV1021H
Packaging OEM/ Plastic ClamShell Support Contact Dealer
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Spacious. Powerful. Quiet. Introducing Samsung's new SPINPOINT tm. Samsung's SV20400 series is changing the noisy world of hard disk drives. Imagine watching a movie, listening to music, or surfing the net without hearing your hard disk drive. Our NoiseGuard™ technology, renders our 10GB/platter drive virtually silent, enabling you to enjoy your PC or A/V applications in quiet peace. Combined with our patented SSB™(Shock Skin Bumper) and ImpacGuard™ technologies, Samsung's SpinPoint V20400 provides unsurpassed reliability and durability while maintaining a low level of power consumption!!
  • Formatted Capacity: 10.2GB
  • Interface: 40-pin EIDE
  • Data Transfer Rates: 100MB/s (UDMA)
  • Average Seek Times: 9ms
  • Buffer Size: 512 Kbytes
  • Rotational Speed: 5400rpm
  • Height (inch/mm): LP (1.0/25.4)
Product Requirements
  • IDE Controller (UDMA/100 Controller recommended)
  • Available 3.5-inch Drive Bay
  • Available Power Connector
  • IDE Cable - NOT Included (UDMA/66-100 Cable Recommended)
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