ATI 3D XPression+ 2M SGRAM Hardware DVD PCI Upgradeable to 4M

ATI 3D XPression+ 2M SGRAM Hardware DVD PCI Upgradeable to 4M
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Warranty Period 1 Year Manufacturer ATI
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The 3D XPRESSION+ is ATI's multimedia accelerator which combines a rich set of 3D, 2D and video features, making it ideal for PC gaming, 3D web browsing and multimedia workstations. The 3D XPRESSION+ features 3D acceleration, full 2D acceleration and TV quality video, full-motion, full-screen MPEG playback capabilities. It provides virtual reality graphics and action game play previously only available on game consoles. The 3D XPRESSION+ is upgradeable with powerful multimedia options including a TV Tuner.
  • High performance 3D graphics accelerator with advanced filtered texture mapping and 3D special effects for realistic, fast action gaming
  • Razor sharp 3D detail and incredible colour quality to enrich the virtual reality experience
  • Exceptional 2D 64-bit graphics for blazing application performance
  • Superior TV-quality full-screen and full-motion MPEG and video playback
  • Drivers: Windows 95/3.1x, NT, OS/2, AutoCAD and VESA drivers
  • Non PC2TV Version
Product Requirements
  • 486/Pentium/Pentium Pro or compatible systems with PCI local bus
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