XPERT@Play 98





ATI XPERT@ PLAY 98 offers the ultimate gaming experience for Windows 98 & 95 with powerful 3D acceleration and TV-out capability for big-screen gaming action. Powered by RAGE PRO TURBO technology and 8MB of memory, XPERT@ PLAY 98 delivers captivating graphics with superior 3D, 2D and DVD picture quality motion video on one graphics board. XPERT@ PLAY 98 is available in both fully-implemented AGP 2X or PCI versions and supports ATI-TV, the add-on TV Tuner card.


The AGP version is DVD ready!




Incredible 3D Action for Windows 98
XPERT@PLAY 98 offers support for 3D resolutions up to 1600x1200 so you can experience life-like detail and realism to all your favorite 3D games. Also included is an advanced set of 3D features like a triangle setup engine, fog and texture compositing for the ultimate 3D gaming experience and support for OpenGL.

TV-out for big-screen gaming
With XPERT@PLAY 98's unique TV-out feature you'll be able to play your favorite 3D games on any TV screen, with quality and 3D power that only ATI can deliver. You can even display PC video clips, high-quality graphics or text on the big screen. It's simple with XPERT@PLAY 98 - just connect your PC to a TV and away you go.

Brilliant 2D Graphics
ATI XPERT@PLAY 98 delivers high-speed 64-bit 2D acceleration so you can add more colors, speed and detail to all your favorite Windows 98 & 95 applications. XPERT@PLAY 98 offers ultra-high resolution support up to 1600x1200 at 85Hz and great performance under Windows NT 3.51 & 4.0.

DVD Picture Quality, Full-Screen Video Playback
Get the DVD experience on your PC with XPERT@Play 98! XPERT@Play 98 can process DVD video through high-quality scaling to produce DVD picture quality video (720x480). Enjoy true color video in any graphics mode and full frame-rate playback in Windows 98 or Windows 95 as if you were watching it on your TV.

AGP 2X Version Available
Look to ATI, the leader in graphics technology, for the best AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) solutions. XPERT@PLAY 98's AGP 2X version fully leverages the benefits of Pentium II
processing power and AGP technology to deliver unsurpassed graphics performance. ATI's full AGP 2X offers up to 4 times the bandwidth of other AGP 1X and PCI graphics boards. 

Get TV on your PC with ATI-TV
ATI XPERT@Play 98 supports ATI-TV, the add-on TV Tuner board which gives you TV on your PC! ATI-TV lets you zoom in on action, capture video from your TV or camcorder or even watch TV for you, unattended.



System Requirements
PCI Version: Pentium/Pro/II systems with PCI.
33 MHz PCI local bus 2.1 compliant.
Video requires CD-ROM drive
AGP Version: Pentium II with AGP bus.
AGP version is AGP 1.0 compliant
Video requires CD-ROM drive
DVD movie playback requires DVD ROM drive and DVD MPEG-2 decoder

Graphics Controller
ATI 3D RAGE PRO TURBO, a high performance 64bit graphics accelerator with superior support for 3D, 2D and motion video; includes integrated setup engine, on-chip texture cache, hardware assisted MPEG-2 acceleration and scaling.

Operating Systems Supported

AMC Channel

Display Support

Memory Configurations



3D Acceleration Features



2D Display Modes:
Resolutions, Colors and Maximum Refresh Rates (HZ)

Resolution 640x480 800x600 1024x768 1152x864 1280x1024 1600x1200
256 colors 200 200 150 120 100 85
65K colors 200 200 150 120 100 85
16.7M colors 200 200 150 120 100 75


Maximum 3D Resolutions

Resolution 8MB
65K colors 1600x1200
16.7M colors 1280x1024

Footnote: Maximum 3D resolution and colors supported with specified memory using double buffered setting

* ATI has successfully tested our Rage IIc and Rage Pro based cards on AMD and Cyrix processors and found them to support the features and functionality of our products. We are aware that application performance, when running on these processors, may vary significantly from motherboard to motherboard and may impact the usability of demanding applications, such as DVD playback. Compatibility issues also vary from motherboard to motherboard and ATI recommends that compatibility concerns be raised with the system vendor or motherboard manufacturer prior to installing an ATI product in one of these systems.