STB Nitro 3D 4MB PCI Video Card

STB Nitro 3D 4MB PCI Video Card
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The NITRO 3D is a 64 bit, high-performance video accelerator designed to speed up all of your graphics-intensive applications while maintaining VGA and SVGA compatibility. Using the NITRO 3D to perform graphics functions gives you more colours and faster redraw and at the same time frees your CPU to perform other tasks more quickly.
  • PCI VGA Card
  • 4MB of EDO DRAM
  • S3's second generation ViRGE/GX chip
  • excels in 2D
  • Good (though not spectacular) 3-D performance
  • 170 MHz RAMDAC
  • Supports a 1,600-by-1,200 resolution with 256 colors
  • 120 Hz refresh rate at 1078x768x65K
  • Nitro's 2D Business Graphics WinBench 97 was a superb 50.5
  • Nitro scored only 28.3 on the 3D WinBench 97. That's compared to the Matrox Mystique's 37.9 and the Orchid Righteous 3D's 113
  • The bottom line: STB's Nitro 3D is a great deal for those who need top-notch 2D graphics at a very affordable price, but who are not the most demanding 3D users
Product Requirements
  • PC
  • Available PCI Slot
  • Drivers not included
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