Telecommander Corp. Profile:

Telecommander Corp. is a Nationwide Distributor of Computer Hardware, Software, Accessories and Consumables. The company was established in 1977 by the current President, Sam Goodfield. At that time Telecommander's main business interests included coin operated video games and home entertainment systems.

In 1985, the company expanded its product line to include modems, cables and memory modules, in response to the growing home computer market. Since then, the product line was gradually increased to include a full line of hardware components and a large selection of popular business and home software.

Telecommander now offers one of the widest varieties of computer-related products in Canada, and looks forward to further expansion in the coming years. In order to satisfy our growing client database, the company added its presence to the Internet with this website. The site includes the product Price Lists and is updated daily. Additional features include Online RMA, Email Support, Informative Informational Links and Product Reviews.

Telecommander launched its Ecommerce solution in the 3rd quarter of 2002.