1. All Prices are in Canadian Funds, COD. / FOB Markham, Ontario.
2. Prices Subject to Change Without Notice.
3. OEM Software Must Be Bundled with Qualifying Hardware.
4. Academic Software Must be Sold to Qualified Purchasers.
5. Microsoft 'Standalone COA's' are Supplied as a 'COA Only.' Microsoft 'ESD's' are Supplied as a 'ESD Only.' If Your Intent is to Use It as a Valid 'End-User License' Please Obtain Your Own Legal Opinions as to the Validity. We Assume No Liability For Any Consequences Arising From Your Decision.
6. When Purchasing a COA, You Must Own an OEM Version Disk Prior to Purchase as all COA's are OEM Version and are Not Compatible with a Retail Version Disk.



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